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Dream 365 project -- Day 130
Getting the farm cleaned up for a wedding. At the wedding, there are these really pretty glowing spinning flowers, Nauvoo somethings, that Jo Ellen specialized in growing. Margo has a bout of weakness. Celia has some intuition that when Margo goes by the last name Swena, she's weak but when she goes by another last name, she's strong. Hey, her weakness is gone and she's able to take heavy filing cabinets out on a dolly. After the wedding, I need to go to the factory and pick up my paycheck. I pick it up in my department, Section 10, which is in the far corner of the factory. I think it's a spell factory. I go in and ask someone in the front desk where my check was because I never have been through the factory before. She was flustered trying to make time to find it until she found out which department I worked in. Then she just told me to walk all the way over there and get it myself. On the way, there was an accident. A worker was pouring ooze into a vat and there was a big spill. Older workers were saying that it takes a lot of practice to get it right and the worker started cleaning up his mess with some paper towels.

Interpretation: Kind of worried about Margo. The worker in the factory is me trying to get this intuition exercises to work. The number 10 is important. It was repeated several times. This is the third dream I've had at my Uncle's farm. My paycheck is a long way off, but it's there, I just need to go get it, even if I've never done that sort of thing before.


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