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Dream 365 project -- Day 123

Eric Z. and Zac are having a sleep over.  Zac has something blue sticking out of his butt. I keep wanting to pull it out. When Eric's gone, I'll ask Zac about it. A truck is parked in a sedan parking spot. Billboard says trucks must not park there because sedans pay a parking fee.  That's silly and doesn't make sense. News story about a forgotten movie director who is finally getting some recognition because his actors are finally having sex. Eric is featured telling how a note wrapped around a rock  was thrown through his window telling his parents to stop their sinful lifestyle. What sin? They're married.

Interpretation: Blue: Something borrowed, something blue. Blue sky (wrong shade of blue). Truth? Parking spot I'm relating to intuition exercises like the truck. Billboard is reflecting my fears about it, which don't make sense. Maybe my worry about it doesn't make sense. The forgotten director might be me. People may say something looks wrong but it actually is right and proper. Alright. I'll stop worrying about it.


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