Dream 365 project -- Day 131
We go to visit a couple on their 50th wedding anniversary. They're friends of a friend and don't know who we are. They're delighted to see us though. We go to church with them. Not sure which church it is, but it's in trouble. There's not enough people willing to do everything that needs to be done. I help out and lead the music. I have to wear a kind of drum major hat to do it. It feels kind of silly but I kind of like the hat. I see that another man in the congregation has a similar hat. Cool. A teenage girl is going to lead a drill team show during the hymn but there's a lot of bickering and drama and nothing gets done about it. Jessica (4 years old) runs around the chapel a lot. After the meeting, President Payne is explaining to someone the benefits of coming to our church. I was just grateful that I didn't have to deal with all the disorganizaton all the time.

Interpretation: Be grateful for what I have?

Dream 365 project -- Day 130
Getting the farm cleaned up for a wedding. At the wedding, there are these really pretty glowing spinning flowers, Nauvoo somethings, that Jo Ellen specialized in growing. Margo has a bout of weakness. Celia has some intuition that when Margo goes by the last name Swena, she's weak but when she goes by another last name, she's strong. Hey, her weakness is gone and she's able to take heavy filing cabinets out on a dolly. After the wedding, I need to go to the factory and pick up my paycheck. I pick it up in my department, Section 10, which is in the far corner of the factory. I think it's a spell factory. I go in and ask someone in the front desk where my check was because I never have been through the factory before. She was flustered trying to make time to find it until she found out which department I worked in. Then she just told me to walk all the way over there and get it myself. On the way, there was an accident. A worker was pouring ooze into a vat and there was a big spill. Older workers were saying that it takes a lot of practice to get it right and the worker started cleaning up his mess with some paper towels.

Interpretation: Kind of worried about Margo. The worker in the factory is me trying to get this intuition exercises to work. The number 10 is important. It was repeated several times. This is the third dream I've had at my Uncle's farm. My paycheck is a long way off, but it's there, I just need to go get it, even if I've never done that sort of thing before.

Dream 365 project -- Day 129
Celia had sneaked some of our stuff into somebody else's yard sale. Now the sale was over and we were going get back our stuff that didn't sell. I felt uncomfortable trespassing like that and I was worried that we would get caught. It was very early in the morning, 4 or 5 o'clock and very dark. We about had everything loaded into the van when kids started wandering down the little street and playing at this house. One started crying and ran around back. A light came on in the house and another kid came out. They were all about 3 or 4 years old and I'm surprised that such little kids would be wandering about all by themselves. I noticed that somebody was sitting in back. I tried to get to her and explain what we were doing about the yard sale but the way was so cluttered with bikes, garden equipment and stuff. I woke up before I could actually talk to her.

Interpretation: I have no idea.

Dream 365 project -- Day 128
OK Caught up.
I was at the Academy and students were doing a lot of things they shouldn't, like suspending a monitor from the ceiling. They kept asking if I wanted them to pick up a "change of plans" consequence.

Interpretation: I need to stick with my plans no matter how discouraged I might get. Not following through with my plans does indeed have consequences.

Dream 365 project -- Day 127
I was in a small school type building. I was watching somebody be talked to in one room across the hall. I felt something by my ear. It's a big, black, hunting type spider. I knocked it to the floor where it was pounced on by two much bigger hunting type spiders.

Interpretation: I think it was a dream representation of a real-life tickling of my ear by Celia's hair.

Dream 365 project -- Day 126
Lot of Ren Faire related stuff. I was trying to find a place to work in a food vender. Although it was a Ren Faire, the buildings looked fairly modern, frame type construction. Then I was the king of this particular Keokuk Ren Faire and I was playing in the snow and sliding down a slide: having fun and encouraging other people to enjoy themselves.

Interpretation: I need to loosen up and have more fun.
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Dream 365 project -- Day 126
I've been a little slow posting. This is from 4 days ago. If you want to see the ones from the other days until now, go to live journal.

This is a world of Faerie. Everything is black and white, very Noir-looking. The only things that are in color are those that are made by mortals.  I go into a zen temple with a very disrespectful attitude. It is run down and not very well cared for. I ask the zen masters if I can arrange their rock garden. They reluctantly agree. There's a pile of special rocks at one side of the garden. Those are the ones I really want to arrange but I'll start with raking the regular pebbles. A lot of pebbles are missing and there are bare patches but I do my best. This will look so nice when I'm done. In another part of the garden, someone calls me away from my raking. I go over and find an excavated ramp leading down into a small cave. I think my sons had been excavating this place. In the cave they found four white objects: a cradle, a swan, a ming vase, and I didn't notice what the other one was. I keep feeling like this is wrong. Those things should not be excavated. They are under a bright light and I'm focused on the swan. It's pretty and made out of alabaster or something but it is wrong that we should be disturbing it.

Interpretation: The rock garden is a place to find peace. Peace is wearing thin and needs to be replenished. The four objects were sacred and shouldn't have been disturbed. I'm having a really hard time interpreting this. I wonder why?

Dream 365 project -- Day 125
I was at my friend Bill's house. Everything was dark and he was very frustrated that a publisher wouldn't pick up his latest book. I console him then wander around the house a bit. In another room I heard a disembodied voice swearing. "$#!*"  A few moments later I heard it again and Bil and I were frantic trying to figure out where it was coming from. Then the dream ended and I woke up and I realized that the voice was Celia snoring.

Interpretation: I know it's been a rough week or two for Bill. Hope things go better. Remember, within every defeat are the seeds of an even greater success.

Dream 365 project -- Day 124
In a large city library to practice singing for a musical. I need to tell the lady directing that I need to quit. I feel like a hypocrite because I want to quit to start  my own musical. I follow a mother of one of the other singers through the library to ask her if she will be in my musical.

Interpretation: Probably just trying to work through Keokon worries. Maybe there's a somebody, some lady that will do Keokon?

Dream 365 project -- Day 123

Eric Z. and Zac are having a sleep over.  Zac has something blue sticking out of his butt. I keep wanting to pull it out. When Eric's gone, I'll ask Zac about it. A truck is parked in a sedan parking spot. Billboard says trucks must not park there because sedans pay a parking fee.  That's silly and doesn't make sense. News story about a forgotten movie director who is finally getting some recognition because his actors are finally having sex. Eric is featured telling how a note wrapped around a rock  was thrown through his window telling his parents to stop their sinful lifestyle. What sin? They're married.

Interpretation: Blue: Something borrowed, something blue. Blue sky (wrong shade of blue). Truth? Parking spot I'm relating to intuition exercises like the truck. Billboard is reflecting my fears about it, which don't make sense. Maybe my worry about it doesn't make sense. The forgotten director might be me. People may say something looks wrong but it actually is right and proper. Alright. I'll stop worrying about it.


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