Dream 365 project -- Day 122
A bunch of us are playing with a giant white ball. It gets knocked over the building and bounces away toward the railroad tracks. Celia and I go after it. We get help from some people in the mechanics shop who takes a pickup to get the ball. We get the ball and take it back to play with again.

Interpretation: Even though it seems my dream has got away from me, we'll get it back again. Cool!

Dream 365 project -- Day 121
I'm visiting a different school than where I usually go. I have a test coming up in a few days where I need to mentally change three things into something else. I can only do two so I need to go to study hall/detention to study some more. A girl is assigned to show me around. Study hall is in the library. I remember that I should know where that is because my mom used to be the librarian there. The girl gets frustrated with me because I'm not studying, I'm just reading a book. I'm not worried. I've got time.

Interpretation: Time to stop procrastinating and making excuses.

This is the last regular dream journal entry. I'm not sure why I've been writing it. I've just been doing what the voices told me to. But I think that it has served its purpose and I need to use the considerable time it takes me to write these short entries on something else.

Dream 365 project -- Day 120
Real mashup of stuff. Trying to sing filk songs in the park. Being attacked by a big, black spider that I can't kill. Other stuff I can't remember.

Interpretation: Frustrated at my impotence.
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Dream 365 project -- Day 119
We're at something like a youth conference, except there's lots of older folks there too. A guy is giving a presentation on something and acts like he runs out of material. He turns a video camera on the audience and we can see ourselves on a projector screen. Suddenly everybody starts floating toward the ceiling. The guy turns off the camera and leaves and everybody starts to float back down. I run after the guy to find out how he did it, but he's too fast on his bicycle. I flag him down and I think he sees me but he turns and I don't see him again.

Interpretation: The guy looked a little bit like Mike Jitlove. Continuing a theme here. I need somebody to help me figure out how to achieve my goals but I can't find him.

Dream 365 project -- Day 118
We were going on a road trip with the Cuvilliers. They went on ahead and we were going to follow them but we didn't know where we were going. We needed to call them but I didn't know their cell number.

Interpretation: I need help to get to where I'm going in life, but I don't know how to get it. Working on that. Need to get on reading those biographies that I talked about a few days ago.

Dream 365 project -- Day 117
Dream 1) Celia and I are in a very nice, posh mansian looking up rare books in the library. Celia finds one of Jill's drawing journals. She has me look at a page. The pictures are dark and a lot are crammed onto the page. There's a picture of something that I think is me walking through a canyon. There's another picture of something in the library. I feel that I can use the pictures to communicate psychicly with Jill. As I try, the picture of the thing in the library starts to move. It's actually here, here in the library, a ghost or demon or something. It's a big, amorphous mass that dwells in the stacks waiting to pounce on unsuspecting passersby. I so want to face this thing and see what happens. But first, let's take a break to acknowledge the fine furniture here in the lounge area of the library. The purple satin, overstuffed loveseats and sofas have exaggerated scroll work on the back that makes them almost a parody of the era in furniture fashion. I look out of the large windows to the brightening horizon as the dawn creeps over the sea. I don't know what I'm waiting around for. I'm just waiting. waiting. Where's Celia? She's still looking for whatever it was we came in here for. I'm sure she'll be out soon. I'll just keep waiting.

Dream 2) I'm at a junior college and people are standing in line in the cafeteria to get a sack lunch. A mysterious man is lurking around. It's up to me and the gang to go after him and find out just what is going on. But first, we need to have lunch. We wait in line to order something but all they have is a few sack lunches left. I am NOT going to have a sack lunch. It's probably peanut butter or something and it's probably stale. I demand better than that and I'm not leaving until I get it.

Interpretation: Not the usual mansion dream. I wrote this down on paper last night so I wouldn't forget it and it gave me chills as the possibilities of what the ghost might be crept up on me. 1) An actual ghost that's been haunting Jill most of her life. 2) An actual ghost haunting the library at MWA. 3) A metaphorical ghost representing the memory of Jill in the library at MWA. I just thought of 3 this morning so the other two really creeped me out. The whole dream is kinda freaky because Jill really hasn't been on my radar for a while now. Makes me wonder if that weird psychic link thing is acting up again. Really hard to tell with no feedback.

The second dream is probably Heavenly Father answering my prayer last night. I shouldn't be looking for something extravegant when there's sufficient already there. Especially when there's a job to do.

Dream 365 project -- Day 116
Dream 1) There's a pogrom going on. I and my family are safe becasue we're helping the oppressors. The oppressed need to keep all electrical appliances unplugged after dark or else the enemy will find them. I come home find that my wife is packing things to leave and has unplugged the toaster and all the other appliances. I don't understand why we need to do this. I go to the living room and see a black momba snake is coming to kill me. It's far enough away, I should be able to avoid it. No good! The snake gets behind me; it's on my back. I thrash around on the carpet to get it off of me. It's around my neck. I call out to Celia to help me. It's my only hope. "Help!"

Dream 2) I'm delivering food to church youth camp. Nobody knows how much they need or what they need so I give them my best guess. I come back later and find that while I gave them what they needed, someone else also bought some because they didn't trust me to do it. Those girls had way too many donuts. I go to the store to buy food for the next day. The lady at the store starts complaining to me that I didn't take care of the first day's order properly and that food should have been refrigerated that wasn't. I'm frustrated because it's not my fault nobody would tell me what was supposed happen. I come out of the store and Sister Fosdick starts telling me how people keep coming over to call the police about the youth at church. Then an assassin comes out of the woods and starts shooting people with poison arrows. Stupid assassin! I'm right here. You didn't have to kill everyone else.

Interpretation: Celia said that I was actually twitching very disturbingly while I was thrashing about in my dream. And I heard myself actually calling for help when I woke up. In Dream 1, I think that whatever problems I'm facing, I need Celia's help to get through them. In Dream 2, I'm asking God for a lot of help right now. He needs me to be more specific so that resources aren't wasted and somebody else doesn't duplicate efforts. I need to be more dependable to do what needs to be done. I'm not sure what the death theme is telling me. Maybe I got too excited watching Live and Let Die last night.

Dream 365 project -- Day 115
There's a bunch of people eating late at night high on the castle wall. I am The Doctor, as portrayed by Tom Baker. I keep thinking about a picture I have in front of me. It's someone who just died and I think I had something to do with it.

Interpretation: don't really want to go there this morning.

Dream 365 project -- Day 114
It must be some sort of video game. We can keep going back through it, trying different things. There are animal companions that can follow us. We figured that the monkey was better than the bird or the spider. The ninja owners of the monkey chase us through the outdoor mall that we're in. Because of the rules of the game, they can't chase us very far. Other people are after us and I figure out how to pull Cleopatra through time to help us fight them. Fast forward through the exciting part and she's driving a pickup with me riding in the back. My captain comes to tell me that Cleopatra is not pleased that I've done this to her and he will not run interference for me. I say that I'll be accountable and talk to her. I tell the captain that if we can bring one person back through time, we can bring anyone. The possibilities are staggeringly endless.

Interpretation: How could I bring someone back through time, metaphorically speaking. I really should start reading more biographies. Napoleon Hill encourages this. I think I'll look into libravox and see what they have.

Dream 365 project -- Day 113
Something about a bunch of us going to a place with some bleachers for a church thing. Celia notices that it needs cleaning, so we clean. A significant thing is something kept getting called something that it wasn't but i can't remember what it was.

Interpretation: none today.


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