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Dream 365 project -- Day 126
I've been a little slow posting. This is from 4 days ago. If you want to see the ones from the other days until now, go to live journal.

This is a world of Faerie. Everything is black and white, very Noir-looking. The only things that are in color are those that are made by mortals.  I go into a zen temple with a very disrespectful attitude. It is run down and not very well cared for. I ask the zen masters if I can arrange their rock garden. They reluctantly agree. There's a pile of special rocks at one side of the garden. Those are the ones I really want to arrange but I'll start with raking the regular pebbles. A lot of pebbles are missing and there are bare patches but I do my best. This will look so nice when I'm done. In another part of the garden, someone calls me away from my raking. I go over and find an excavated ramp leading down into a small cave. I think my sons had been excavating this place. In the cave they found four white objects: a cradle, a swan, a ming vase, and I didn't notice what the other one was. I keep feeling like this is wrong. Those things should not be excavated. They are under a bright light and I'm focused on the swan. It's pretty and made out of alabaster or something but it is wrong that we should be disturbing it.

Interpretation: The rock garden is a place to find peace. Peace is wearing thin and needs to be replenished. The four objects were sacred and shouldn't have been disturbed. I'm having a really hard time interpreting this. I wonder why?


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